Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

ainbow Souffle Body Scrub contains Dead Sea Salt.
The Aroma/Scent is Like Fruit Sorbet.
Rainbow Souffle is an exfoliating, skin refining scrub that contains Dead Sea Salt,  Vitamin c and Oxygen.
Dead Sea Salt has many therapeutic and Medicinal benefits in the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, rashes, acne, dry skin, Rosacea and much more. It is great for rough, dry feet and for those dry cracked heals.

I used to be an Independent Romance Fun Party Consultant and every time I demonstrated Rainbow Souffle the ladies go Nuts over it! I'd have them to put a small amount into their hands and rub their hands together, then they go to the sink to run some warm water over it. As the warm water dissolves the Sea Salt a light lather begins to form and then RIGHT then they feel the instant results!
Their hands are instantly smooth and the Aroma of the Rainbow Souffle is like having a bowl of Fruit Sorbet.
The Ladies just oooh and awww over it. It is a must have product!

Rainbow Souffle gives your skin a polished Glow.
It has four different Colors and Scents.
Yellow - Lemon
Orange - Orange
Green - Lime
Fuchsia - Raspberry
When the Colors mix it smells like rainbow Sorbet.

I have created a few sites about this magnificent scrub because I believe that everyone should at least try it once. It doesn't cost anymore than any other body scrub. The only difference is, It Does Work !!!

It's not just for women to use. Yeah, sure, I know it smells like fruit sorbet but, Gentlemen let me tell you, you will not smell like a bowl of cherries or feminine or anything else. Your skin will feel Wonderful afterwards and you will thank me for it.